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E.L.F Blush & Bronzer VS NYC Bronzing Powder ♥

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NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in 720 Sunny -$2.99

New - So packaging is better looking.

E.L.F Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder - $3.00

Old - so packaging is worn out.

Keep in mind that I use these products to contour, so that is how i'll review them! :)

Packaging: Both of these products are compact, you can keep them in your purse for on the go touch ups!

They both contain mirrors inside, so that's a plus for both.

Shimmer VS Matte: The downside to E.LF is the shimmer! When contouring, you don't want shimmer, but it's very slight so it works for me! The NYC is matte, so that's a plus for NYC.
Long lasting? I found that ELF lasts me all day, whereas NYC lasts only a few hours. However, I do think this is because NYC is a bit light on my tan skin tone.
How it applies? I find that the NYC barely applies on my skin (again, probably because I'm tan).  I did have to go over my face a couple of times to get my desired pigment. Try ELF if you want more definition. ELF applies very well and is very pigmented.
Color: *My hand is darker than my face. However, I still find that the ELF shows up more on me. ELF is more brown, whereas NYC is more orange. I think if you are lighter than me, you should definitely try NYC. If you are more my skin tone, definitely ELF.
Right: ELF
Left: NYC 
Sorry it's kind of blurry guys I'm still getting used to this!

xo, Rotem ♥

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  1. I like the N.Y.C bronzer. Been using it for years. Never tried ELF but am interested.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

    1. Definitely try the ELF one! Can't go wrong with the price, let me know how you like it (:


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