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Skincare Routine ♥

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Hi girlsss, I wanted to emphasize how important skincare is, because makeup application looks 50x better when you apply it on clean moisturized skin!
So, keep in mind that everyone's skin reacts differently to different products, some have it worse than others. But, we should all take care of our skin as best as we can!
I'll share with you my daily skincare routine, like I said before I have combination skin but I use products for oily skin!
First I obviously wash my face in the morning, and then I apply my cleanser (I prefer Neutrogena or Clean & Clear for skincare - again, I use products for oily skin). The mistake most people make is that they apply the cleanser and wait a few seconds, then rinse it off. You're supposed to massage the cleanser into your skin for about a minute or as long as you feel needed, and then rinse it off! The reason you pat dry slightly, is so that you leave some moisture in your skin after cleansing.
After this, I apply my dark spot corrector and a moisturizer, I make sure my moisturizer has a lot of vitamins and SPF to protect my skin from the sun.
The amount of times you exfoliate depends on your skin, my skin is a bit sensitive so I exfoliate about once to twice a week at most. If you have dry skin, you should try exfoliating more often.
I also apply a mask about once a week, and I use a nose strip (for blackheads) about once to twice a week.
At night, I remove all my makeup (SO important) - I used to rarely take off my makeup at night, you'll see a difference once you start taking care of your skin. Then, I apply the same cleanser I use in the morning, and then a nightly moisturizer.
I think that's it for my skincare routine, if there's more I'll update it!!
Take care of your skin every day, guys!
xo, Rotem 

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